NOC Coaching Standards of Conduct

Consideration for Participation 

The Norman Optimist Club (NOC) adheres to strict standards when evaluating potential candidates to coach our youth. These standards apply to anyone wishing to coach for the NOC. They are reviewed annually by the NOC board and by executive committee(s) assigned to oversee a respective sport to ensure the standards are clear and reflect the interests of our youth athletes and their families. Any changes to the standards are presented to the NOC Board for final approval.

  • All coaches are required to submit a criminal history request to the OSBI and the place it on file with the NOC for the duration of their active coaching status with the NOC (see Addendum A for instructions). A coach will not be allowed to practice or play games with their team until their official OSBI criminal history is on file with NOC.
  • A new criminal history is valid for 12 months from the date it was processed by OSBI. If any member of the board or executive committee has a reasonable suspicion that a coach has committed a new crime after being accepted to coach with the NOC they may be required to submit another OSBI criminal history to the NOC.
  • The NOC may disqualify a person from coaching based on their criminal history, or may require them to provide additional documentation to assist in determining their suitability to coach.

Please carefully review the information listed below. These guidelines are provided in an effort to assist you with your decision concerning whether or not to submit your coach’s application with the Norman Optimist Club. The information listed below does not constitute all applicable standards of coaching with this youth sports league. Below are some of the areas of your life history that will be examined by the Executive Committee of your respective sport and the NOC Board:

Arrests and Convictions

You will not be eligible to coach for the NOC if you have been convicted of:

  1. Any violent felony crime, or a crime for which you would be required to register per Oklahoma law.
  2. Any crimes against children.
  3. Domestic Violence or Domestic Assault.
  4. Other misdemeanor or felony crimes may be reviewed by the football committee and/or NOC Board to determine a coach’s suitability to coach. Information to be reviewed includes but is not limited to; how long ago the crime(s) was committed, the nature of the crime(s), etc.

You will be interviewed by members of the board and/or members of the executive committee concerning but not limited to all of the above areas.

Process for Background Check Submission

  1. When signing up for a sports program, you'll have an opportunity to volunteer for a coaching, assistant coaching, or manager position.
  2. The opportunity to buy a background check for $20.00 will be included. 
  3. The following information will be requested of you:
    1. Legal First and Last Name
    2. SSN
    3. Gender
    4. Date of Birth
  4. All data is encrypted.

NOTE: All Criminal History information turned into the NOC is confidential. The criminal histories will only be viewed by elected NOC Board members and/or appointed Executive Committee members for the purpose of determining a perspective coach’s qualification to coach.

Coaching Conduct

The Norman Optimist Club adheres to the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletics Association (OSSAA) High School rules. These rules can be obtained from the Norman School Board or via this link. The decision to suspend a coach, parent or player from the park may be made based on NOC rules and/or OSSAA rules.

Playing/Practice Time Compliance Penalties

  • Coaches violating the playing time or practice time standards will receive penalties including warning from the Rules Committee, suspensions for one game up to an entire season, or permanent suspension.

Weight Limit Compliance Penalties (Football)

If a successful protest is filed with the football committee, coaches violating the weight limit restrictions will receive a game suspension (during regular season) or forfeit of the game (during the playoffs).


  • Any member of the sports committee or League Coordinator may eject a coach or parent.
  • Coaches and parents will respect the officials and the sports committee's authority.
  • A reasonable attempt should be made by the NOC to peacefully escort ejected persons from the facility. Ejected persons refusing to leave the facility may result in the police being called and criminal charges filed, and/or suspension from the facility, and/or the person being permanently barred from entering the facility.
  • Coaches that are ejected two (2) times in a season will be barred from coaching for the season.
  • Tampering with any equipment belonging to the NOC may result in the forfeiture of a game(s) and/or disciplinary action taken against the coach.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action taken against the head coach.
  • If a coach or a parent is ejected they WILL NOT be allowed to re-enter the facility until they speak with a member of the sports committee.
  • The NOC reserves the right to eject a coach, player or parent for the season, or permanently bar a person from entering the facility, or from coaching based on a 1st offense considering the severity of the incident, or any other reason deemed appropriate by the sports committee.
  • The head coach is ultimately responsible for the conduct of his coaching staff and fans. Poor sideline conduct or poor player conduct could result in disciplinary action taken against the head coach and/or forfeiture of a game depending on the nature of the incident.

Any person ejected, suspended, or bared from the NOC park may speak with a member of the sports committee or member of the board to discuss the possibility of resolving the issue.

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